Living Your Truth

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person.  Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.  Oscar Wilde 

How often do you find this to be true?  Or find you are judged when you are totally yourself?  Or turn on the television or flip through a magazine and see images that represent nothing of who you are, your values or your life?

I have always spoken my mind…but that doesn’t always mean I spoke my truth.  Deep in our core there is a truth about what we believe, how we connect & who we really are…our authentic self.  I have helped others find their voice, but I am realizing that I have silenced mine over the years.  Sometimes I’ve been too busy to hear that inner voice, other times I’m in my “professional” role and still other times I know that I won’t be well-received. 

If you pay attention, you can tell when your core and your presentation don’t match.  Your body will let you know & what that looks like is different for all of us.

I notice as I get older that this inner voice isn’t so easy to ignore anymore.  And truly I’m more at peace with “me”, more joyful and a bit excited to see what my authentic self is going to do next!

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